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of a Romanian Artist, one of the last students of Pierre Bonnard


During the '60 Berea accepted numerous orders and requests of portraits from various cultural, artistic and political celebrities of the period. He becomes the “darling” of the Hollywood stars and their official painter, being wanted by the aristocratic families of the world, trendy politicians of the time, successful writers and all sorts of officials came to visit him and to overwhelm him with requests of paintings in his workshop or in his apartments from Paris, New York and San Francisco. 

Berea la Cannes 1960.jpg

The works of Dimitrie Berea are part of major museums and state collections in Rome, Madrid, Tel-Aviv, Bucharest, Geneva, London, Paris, Venice, New York, San Francisco, and Vatican City. Private and royal collections include those of Sir Winston Churchill, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Bette Davis, Henry Ford II, Katherine Hepburn, Conrad Hilton, His Majesty King Carl of Denmark, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England and Salvador Dali.


Bernheime Jeune with Salvador Dali.jpg

A cold last shortly, while art is eternal...” Dimitrie BEREA 


It is said that a short dialogue between the First Lady Nancy, wife of the Governor and later of the U.S. president Ronald Reagan, who hired him to paint her portrait, remained famous, when at a certain moment, the distinguished Lady, who was posing for the artist in the courtyard of her residence in California, announced her desire to enter the house, motivating that she was cold and that she might catch a cold... 


The “Berea” project started in 2016 due to an immense passion for art, in which Mihai Sandulescu managed to combine his abilities to bring to the public the wonderful life and work of the artist Dimitrie Berea (1908 - 1975).

The project succeeded to achieve several significant stages:

  1. Publish the monography on Berea, with a descriptive catalog;

  2. Book distribution through various bookstores, art galleries, etc;

  3. Organized reunions, meetings, and mass media communication;

  4. Organize an anniversary retrospective exhibition (111 years since his birth) with paintings from private collections.

  5. Publish a new book that analyses the influences of Pierre Bonnard on Berea's success; stories behind some of the most famous Berea's paintings


Currently, the new book - "Dimitrie Berea and his master Pierre Bonnard" was published in the Romanian language and might be ordered on-line.

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For any expertise, opinion on works of Berea, please do not hesitate to contact.

It's FREE of charge.

Mihai Sandulescu

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